Thursday, 12 September 2013

Halfway there

After my midterm exam in my Intro to Asia Class tomorrow, I will officially be halfway through my semester abroad.
What better way to celebrate this milestone than by going to the beach three of the last four days?
Top 2 beaches I've been to so far on the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads (about an hr bus ride but probably a 25 minute car trip campus) was quiet and peaceful with a really cool town. The town center even had a bowling club...that's right, cricket!
From Burleigh beach you could see Surfer's Paradise, the closest city to campus, and it looked like Oz in the Wizard of Oz. Too bad it wasn't green.
The weather is starting to get hot enough that at the beach, its hard to not be in the crystal clear and warm water, and during the night it's warm enough to walk around sans sweatshirt. Summer all year round for me, and I agree with it.
Today I went stand up paddle boarding, or as the Healys often refer to it, SUPing, at a beach called Currumbin. We paddled up and down an isolated bay, then rode the current back. It was relaxing, yet quite the workout. There were lots of paths from the bay to the open ocean and I really hope to go back so I can explore them. A couple of my friends jumped off this bridge, but I abstained. You're welcome dad.

Apparently there's a rock pool with a water fall and quarry around there too, but in order to make the bus back in time to study for my test tonight (which I'm clearly doing right now) I skipped out on that trip.
All in all, the first half of this experience has been indescribably wonderful. I couldn't be more glad for this opportunity, which I thought about for awhile today as I was paddling through those unbelievably clear waters surrounded by cool wildlife, especially pelicans.

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