Monday, 22 July 2013

back to school

Today was the first day of class! Sorry mom and dad, but I didn't take a picture in front of the customary tree this year. I did consider it though.
Classes here aren't too different, except that most of the students in my first class also could've been my parents. This is the bridge from the village where I live to the main campus. I thought it looked cool. So far cars have beeped almost every time I've walked across it

I then felt a little uncomfortable in my Popular World Musics class when every student began naming all sorts of different tribal bands and musicians I had never heard of. Then someone brought up Ladysmith Black Mombazo, who was infamously introduced to me through Mean Girls, so at least I could relate a little bit.

This past weekend my friends and I explored the beach town/city at Surfer's Paradise. I can't wait to go to the beach more often when it gets nicer outside, but the open air market with all sorts of crafts was pretty cool. We then went to a really cool Irish Pub that had dinner and drinks for $ excellent deal for a soon to be broke college student.

Since my roommate lost her passport, my friends and I decided to make a trip out of her going to Sydney to get a new one. We booked flights for August 30th, and I'm really excited to go.

I've been noticing some pretty obscure things are different here. For instance, today I went to a yoga class and found that an Australian accent is not the best kind of voice to relax and meditate to.
Australians also seem to be really into sausages of all kinds. Maybe that's because they're cheap? But they are everywhere.

Until next time, hopefully I'll have some more interesting adventures to share!

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